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Founded in 2016, Firefly GHG Consulting (‘Firefly’) is a specialist greenhouse gas and carbon management consultancy. We envision a future where our children can be proud of the actions that we took to be a part of the climate change solution - our mission is to help you be an equally proud part of that solution.


Our Approach

Firefly is an experienced and independent GHG management consultant. We believe that the issue of climate change can only be solved by collective action. As such, our philosophy is to not just to provide a service, but to support, educate and empower you to become capable of managing your own GHG affairs in the near term. We believe this offers the best value for both you and the environment - by working to spread our GHG management skills and knowledge, we can maximize our positive impact. This philosophy is central to how we structure our engagements.

Our Expertise

Firefly provides professional support to organizations to reduce their climate impact through services such as GHG inventories/carbon footprinting, GHG reduction action plans and target setting, GHG reduction and offset project quantification, life-cycle assessments, Climate Lens assessments for ICIP grant applications, carbon market assessments and advice, validation and pre-verification screening for carbon offset projects and programs, Peer Review (PR) to support third-party validations and verifications and development of GHG offset Protocols/Methodologies.  For more information, see our services page.

Our Values

1.       Respect is our foundation.  We will conduct all of our activities with respect.  This means respect for ourselves, through looking after health, wellbeing and family and refusing to compromise on our ethics; respect for our clients, by always providing professional, honest and competent work and advice; and respect for our environment, by always working with its best interests at heart.

2.       We will add value. We will engage only in projects where we believe that our contribution will make a difference.  We will choose to work with clients who genuinely want to effect change.

3.       We will walk the talk.  We will be the change we want to see.  We will understand our own carbon footprint and take actions to minimize it.




Graham Harris, BSc(Hons), MSc, EP(GHG)

Principal Consultant

Graham Harris is a sustainability professional with over 23 years of experience, and has been focused on successfully delivering high quality projects in Alberta's carbon markets since they were established in 2007. 


Prior to starting Firefly in 2016, Graham was VP, Technical Services with Bluesource Canada ULC and Regional Discipline Lead for Climate Services, Canada West, for Stantec Consulting Ltd.  Graham has worked with clients in municipal and provincial government, higher education and private industry with projects spanning multiple sectors including oil and gas, power, pulp/paper, chemicals, transportation, energy efficiency, renewable energy and agri-business.  In 2022, Graham co-founded and successfully grew Solar Offset Limited, a carbon offset aggregation program allowing owners of small-scale renewable energy installations in Alberta to access the carbon market and improve solar PV affordability.


He has a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Management from the University of Dundee, Scotland, and an MSc in Energy & Sustainable Building Design from De Montfort University, England. 


When not working on GHG reduction projects, Graham enjoys running, swimming, cycling, drawing, spending time with his family and making (very) loud music.

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