Firefly GHG Consulting offers you 19 years of experience in specialist greenhouse gas management services via Principal Consultant, Graham Harris, and is based in Calgary, AB, Canada.


I have been professionally involved in emissions and energy management since graduating from my first degree in 2000, and have worked in Scotland, Australia and Canada, holding roles with a university, municipal governments and private consulting businesses.  Prior to starting Firefly in 2016, I was VP Technical Services at Bluesource Canada ULC, where I led a team delivering carbon offset projects and other greenhouse gas consulting engagements.  


At the age of 17, I made a very conscious decision to pursue an environmental education - the increasing number of news articles outlining the human impact on the environment made a big impression on me, and I determined I wanted to make a difference.  I obtained a BSc in Environmental Management from the University of Dundee, Scotland and an MSc in Energy & Sustainable Building Design from De Montfort University, England. 


I am registered as an EP(GHG) with ECO Canada and regularly teach courses on international greenhouse gas accounting standards ISO 14064-1, -2 and -3 on behalf of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).



To help you be a proud part of the climate change solution.



Climate change is probably the greatest environmental problem that humanity has faced; we envision a future where our children can be proud of the actions that we took to be a part of the solution.


Working with our clients, we will identify >1 million tonnes (carbon dioxide equivalents) of viable emission reductions by the end of 2021, and work to support their implementation.



1.       Respect is our foundation.  We will conduct all of our activities with respect.  This means respect for ourselves, through looking after health, wellbeing and family and refusing to compromise on our ethics; respect for our clients, by always providing professional, honest and competent work and advice; and respect for our environment, by always working with its best interests at heart.

2.       We will add value. We will engage only in projects where we believe that our contribution will make a difference.  We will choose to work with clients who genuinely want to effect change.

3.       We will walk the talk.  We will be the change we want to see.  We will understand our own carbon footprint and take actions to minimize it.


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Calgary, AB, Canada