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Our 2019 carbon footprint and reduction plan

Firefly is proud to announce the publication of our 2019 greenhouse gas inventory and action plan. The full inventory can be downloaded here.

- Our inventory was completed in line with ISO 14064-1:2018.

- Our 2019 emissions were 1.78 tonnes CO2e, of which around half came from our office operations and half from business travel.

- We undertook several initiatives in 2019 to reduce our footprint:

  1. Switching to a battery electric vehicle for local business travel

  2. Specifying energy efficient glazing and lighting during an office retrofit

  3. Adjusting the storage temperature of our hot water tank

  4. Choosing low or no carbon travel options wherever possible

- Our actions avoided at least 0.15 tonnes CO2e in 2019.

- In addition, we purchased 100% green electricity, offsetting another 0.39 tonnes CO2e and reducing our final footprint to 1.4 tonnes CO2e.

The science of climate change is clear and there is a need to reduce global GHG emissions quickly, and to net zero by 2050. Firefly is determined to play our part. We will achieve net zero emissions from 2020 onwards. This will be achieved through a combination of emissions avoidance and reduction actions, continued purchase of green electricity and finally, the use of high-quality, third-party verified offsets.

For more information on how we can help your business understand and reduce its carbon footprint, please get in touch.

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